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24 Oct 2013

Bourjois Shine Addict Review

I have been running low on my beloved Lip Butters recently so I went down to my local (woefully stocked) Boots to see what I could find.  They only have 6 make up lines on sale there,  3 of which I have never bought a good item from.  The remaining 3 lines had either a grubby looking sample product and no actual product or the opposite, eventually I found this;

Bourjois Shine Edition Lipstick in the imaginatively named "02"


This is a very similar formulation to the Revlon Lip Butters of which I am a fan, but the most exciting part is the colour is absolutely great.  It looks pretty shocking in the tube but when applied is a perfect blend of warming coral and fresh rose.  Also the packaging is beautiful. What is not to like at 5.99

I have photographed it against my two favourite lip butters so you can see the formulation.


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