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14 Feb 2014

Stylish Valentines Nails

So, I did a search on Pinterest this morning for cute Valentines nails in preparation for this evening, and all I found was cheesy nail art/stripper nails/falsies.

So I had a go myself based on some slightly less OTT pictures of ombre glitter nails.




Hope you like, I am very happy, as this is my favourite nails colour.  It is a No7 polish that is a dupe for Chanel's ever popular "Rouge Noir".  It is called Temptress 12 and is only £6, plus you can usually use your No7 vouchers.  The glitter tips are Deborah Lippman for Essie and it is called "Leading Lady"  I got this for Christmas nails, but it works for Valentines too.

sorry about pic quality camera refused to focus!


  1. So glad to see you posting on your wonderful blog again! I so enjoyed your postings, particularly your "French Chic Manifesto" which I followed. It helped improve my life in so many ways. Looking forward to reading more of your wonderfully inspiring posts!
    Diane in Canada

  2. Hi Diane,
    It's good to be back, I gave it a break to see of I missed blogging, and I realised that I really enjoy it. I am going to try and post more regularly now that I am back. Great to hear there are still people out there xx

  3. Love your ideas and blog, would love to read about your French Manifesto, but when I try I get that it is not on your blog, or Face Book. Makes me sad :-((

    1. Hi, I have just re-republished them, if you look to the right if this page, and click French Living. I took them down while editing a lot of my older posts. Hope they are of use to you. X


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