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13 Mar 2014

Before Pinterest and Blogging

What did we all do in the 90's when the internet was just something you used at school, and mobiles were pointless because no-one else had one?

We kept notebooks of style inspiration (I say we, but really only crazy people like me did).  I found these the other day whilst sorting out. The first 3 shots are from when I was 19 (so 1998) and the later ones from when I was 22 (around 2001)

It was funny looking back at my style 15 years ago, also at stars style back then.  I don't think mine has actually evolved all that much!

I even used to do my own note taking! I knew that my obsession with beauty products wasn't normal. Thank God beauty blogging was born!

I was a bit hippy/surfer girly when I was younger.

Love my use of good-old pen on paper here, need to keep this next to my dresser.

1 comment:

  1. Oh man I love this post. And I MISS doing this so much! I always just posted them on my bedroom wall but I've always wanted to make a notebook! Though at least nowadays more trees can be saved.



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