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17 Dec 2015

Everything you wanted to know about Hyaluronic Acid but were too afraid to ask.

What is Hyalronic Acid and why on earth would I want to apply it to my skin?

Our skin is acidic by nature with a PH of 5.5. Hyaluronic acid is naturally present in your skin and helps it retain moisture and look plumped.  As we age, our ability to produce more hylauronic acid readily for use in our skin and body decreases.  This decrease can be seen in less firm skin that looks drier.

Hylauronic acid's secondary function is to help protect your skin by improving it's barrier.  Your skins barrier is like it's protection and can help protect from sun damage and other environmental damage like free radicals.

That sounds great! How can I get some of that?

There are 2 prongs of atatck that can be taken.  You can either apply it topically to your skin or take an oral supplement.

The most common way it is used is in lightweight serums that can be applied morning or night before your moisturiser.  The main thing to be careful to look for is the molecule size.  Hylauronic acid can be formulated in several different molecular sizes and they have different functions.  The larger molecules sit on the skin and help keep moisture locked in, the smaller molecules (listed as Sodium Hyaluronate) are absorbed deeper and plump the skin from within so can help reduce the appearance of fine lines.

I've listsed a few of my personal favorite formulas that give good results whatever the budget.

Balance - Hylauronic Acid

This is super cheap and feels just like water on your skin. The applicator is just a dropper that you dispense a couple of drops from and rub into the skin.  You then apply your normal moisturiser as usual.  It is a really easy and cheap way to add the benefits of hylauronic acid to your routine and is a great entry level product.

Mid Range
La Roche Posay - Hydraphase Intense Serum - £18 here (bargain)

This is a very lightweight serum that you can feel the benefit from immediately.  It provides small molecule hyaluronic acid that penetrates the skin to provide plumping of fine lines and day long moisture control.  I really like this as it is great for those of us with oily skin, as it can be worn under makeup without making your skin too slippy.  The packaging is gorgeous, it is a sleek metal cylinder with a pump that lets you dispense just the right amount.  This feels much more high-end than the price suggests and I will definitely be repurchasing.

Avene Physiolift Night Smoothing Regenrating Balm - £19.50 here usually £26

This is a super moisturising very intense cream.  It feels like it is doing good even as your apply it.  I only use it every other day as it is too rich for nightly use on my skin, but for those of you with dry skin, it's a godsend. It contains retinol and antioxidants (vitamin E) along with a host of other moisturising ingredients.  The whole Physiolift range (day, night & eye cream along with wrinkle filler) is really good if you suffer with sensitive skin as they are formulated by pharmacists to avoid irritation.

Top End
Fillerina - Night Cream - Grade 2 - £69 here

Fillerina is marketed as the no surgery alternative to dermal fillers.  It obviously can't provide the exact same level of results as real fillers or it would then be subject to pharamceutical controls, but the results are still pretty impressive.  Fillerina contains 6 different forms of hyaluronic acid at a variety of molecular weights, that means that you get the full spectrum of benefits.  The packaging is very medical and reminds me of the creams I get for my psoriasis, but I don't mind as this is the real deal when it comes to hyaluronic action.  I really like this cream, it is very rich so I just use it on my eyes and forehead and at night only.  It gives a lovely sheen and really lasts all day.  It's also a whopping 50ml which is 60% more than the standard 30ml offering you get from most serums, which makes the £69 price tag more reasonable.  This also comes in a grade 3 version for those wanting hardcore plumping and smoothing.


Solgar Hyaluronic Acid Complex £10 here - usually £29

Hyaluronic acid supplements are well know to benefit people with joint problems as it helps keep moisture in your joints.   I am not aware of any studies proving the efficacy of supplements for increasing the presence of HA in the skin, but I take a daily dose of Hylauronic acid complex as I suffer with back pain cause by degenerated discs, so I figure that it can't do me any harm. Since I have been taking these I have noticed a definate improvement in my skin, but then again, I have also been using the Fillerina too.

Have you tried any hyaluronic acid products yet, how did you find them?


  1. Thanks for such a useful post. I think sometimes people just see the 'acid' word and shy away from it, but I love trying out hyaluronic acid products. I have used Fillerina a few times and thought it was surprisingly good. Also check out Korean sheet masks with HA (very cheap on eBay).

  2. Learnt a lot from this post Donna! Thanks for sharing!

    Stephanie xxxx

  3. I take the supplements and also use the Balance stuff (which you can get for £1.99 now in B&M bargains if you are interested by the way. I bought mine from Amazon initially at around £6 a go, so when I saw it in B&M I stocked up on more as it actually did some good for my skin). I am very interested in the Fillerina after reading this post - do you find it gets rid of fine lines around the eyes or just prevents them? This is the only area I have lines so far, but as I am quite a smiley person (with a big cheesy grin) I have quite a few lines around my eyes which I am desperate to minimise.


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