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12 Aug 2016

The Superbrand You've Probably Never Heard About

The one thing that always amazes me is how many great beauty brands there are out there that I have never heard of before.  They may get a cursory mention in a beauty book or a footnote in a glossy, but to everyday folk they are practically unheard of.  This is such a shame, as some of my absolute favourite products come from these under-the-radar super brands.  Neo-Strata is one such brand.  It is so highly regarded in the industry yet barely heard of outside of the press and blogs.

They speciialise in scientific formulations with solid research to back up their claims (I know, crazy huh!)  Neo Strata was created by the partners who discovered the beneficial effect of AHAs on skin so they really know their apples from their pears.  I've tried the Super Retinol Concentrate (it's always about the retinol!) and I was very impressed, which is lucky considering this selld for around £50 for 30ml.  This may sounds bad to most people, but as a habitual retinol user, I was delighted to get some minor peeling after my first use.  This NEVER happens as my skin is so used to it, it just expects to have retinol.  This showed me that the retinol in this product is either stronger or better formulated than my usual offerings.The only downside is that I can't switch back now.
Another product I find myself reaching for from this line is the CoverBlend.  This is formulated to be both a light weight foundation and a skin treatment.  It contains AHA's, Sunscreen and moisturisers alongside a light reflecting foundation.  This is the perfect product to reach for when you have just had a facial treatment and want some covergae to hide the redness but don't want to ruin all the good work.  I use this on no-makeup-days (ha ha, what are those!) I should moe honestly call them , minimal make up days.  It provides light to medium covergae and feels super comfotable on your face.  It's absolutely ideal for Summer when your skin looks good and you want to keep it that way.

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