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27 Sep 2016

Balance Active Formula Dragon's Blood Review

Now as much as I, like any other female Game of Thrones fan I know, wish I was Daeneryes Stormborn.  I must be 100% honest here.  There is absolutely NO dragon's blood in these products.  There is however, a sap from a plant called the Croton Lechleri (sounds like it comes from Jurassic Park) which is where the name comes from.

The products claim to lift and tighten the skin, I could definitely do with a bit of that! So to give them a good and honest test, I used them every day for my 3 week holiday in France.  Obviously, I used other products too, seen as there is no cleanser nor any retinol nor an SPF, so I just used my standard go-to products alongside these three.

At the end of 3 weeks, I am delighted to report I LOVED them.  I cannot believe how cheap they are for such high-quality products (you can pick up all 3 for a combined total of under £9 at Fragrance Direct at the moment).  The packaging is really the only sign that they are not high-end products.  The consistencies and the fragrance are fantastic.  But most importantly of all they actually work if, like me, you could benefit from a little tightening to your skin, then I would whole heartedly recommend these. I honestly feel the skin around my eyes is tighter and looks smoother when I use these.

My favourite product is the lifting cream (I used it like moisturiser) it smells gorgeous is nice and light yet very moisturising and really seems to work.  I must be clear the results are purely a cosmetic effect not an actual change in the structure of the skin.  You can't buy over the counter products that do this, or they would be classified as drugs and your would need a prescription.  But, if you want something to give you a youthful, tightened look, at a bargain price, I would reach for this every time.  I am a big fan of the Balance brand, as I have used their hyaluronic serum before.  I have just purchased their vitamin C serum now and can't wait to see the results.

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