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11 Dec 2016

Back to the 90's with Urban Decay Vintage!


Just look at these beauties!

They look stunning in the tube but I expected them to be completely unwearable, luckily I was wrong!

My photos really don't do them justice with their colour shifts and classic vintage 90's styling (did I really just write vintage 90's.)  Check out the swatches below to see the diffrence between them in the tube, on my arm and on the lips.  If this doesn't teach you never to buy lipstick without colour swatching first, nothing will.

Don't they look gorgous in the tubes?
Each of the shades is an original cult shade from the 1990's specially re-launched for 2016 including the vintage packaging.  The best bit is they are only £15 a pop, which although hardly a steal is definitely an affordable treat.

  • Asphyxia is a pale lilac lipstick with micro glitter and when on the lips adds a lovely clean, cool tone to your lips. I'm sorry to say that this one is already sold out on line!
  • Plague is a creamy deep purple that is ideal when you need something to create a bit of drama without looking like a cartoon character,  It is so pretty on the lips.
  • Oil Slick is a sheer black with a green shift, sounds hideous but over the natural colour of your lips it is more of a colour increaser (that isn't a real word is it?)  I found it just made my lips look better.  This is the lipstick that suprised me the most as I was expecting it to be only suitable for halloween.
  • Frostbite a blue cream lipstick with plenty of glitter that wouldn't look out of place on Elsa's dressing tabel. I'm afraid it is not for me, but as it has already sold out online, so I imgaine it would look amazing on less red skin tones.
  • Bruise - This is the colour that defined the 90's a red purple plum.  Candice from The Great British Bake Off would be all over this like a seven tier croquembouche.  It is beautiful both as a lip stain, with a slick of sheer gloss over to give you a flushed look, or as a full on drama Christmas Day number.


Artificial Lighting

What really impressed me was how soft they made my lips feel, these have a similar consistency to the Revlon Lip butters and so feel super comfortable to wear. Great to see a blast from the past still rocking it 20 years later, a bit like whenever I see Dana Skully.

Which one is your favourite?  Mine is definitley Bruise, but I love Oil Slick too.

Available to buy here 

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  1. Wow, those are amazing colours. I especially like Oil Slick, that looks so pretty on. I have a couple of these lipsticks and I love them, especially the packaging. I have an ambition to collect more! Xx

    Sarah | sarahdeluxe.com


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