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16 Jun 2017

Aenea Epigenic Cosmeceuticals

On Monday I attended the launch of Aenea Skincare at the super-glam penthouse suite of the ME Hotel on The Strand.  Aenea is a new cosmeceutical brand that aims to deliver a powerful cocktail of skin-strengthening ingredients.

The brand is a aimed squarely at those who are concerned with ageing/stress and environmental damage and who are in possession of a decent disposable income.  It will be available exclusively in Harrods, which gives you a fair idea of their target demographic, though I think their offering may also be well placed in Cult Beauty's Hall of Fame.

Damien, whose brainchild the range is, developed the range after observing his 2 Aunts who live in Cyprus.  Both have identical DNA but how it expressed itself was vastly different.  He took inspiration from this to create a brand that would support your genetic makeup to express itself in the best way possible. He was determined to create products that are youth enhancing whilst being safe for sensitive skin.

Aenea's main aim is "to make your skin look younger, feel healthier, and glow with a natural radiance." They are hoping to achieve this by using super-active ingredients coupled with innovative delivery systems (read: fancy formulas). My first impression was how gorgeous the packaging is.  It is the sort of detail that can turn skincare from a chore into a ritual. It's sleek, futuristic, clean and reassuringly heavy. When you dispense a pump of the product there is no stuttering, no over-shoot, just the right amount, delivered smoothly.

Looking at the ingredients list across the range I could see a wide range of active ingredients in residence.  I was gifted the Anti-Pollution Guardian £150, it contains (amongst others)  probiotics, milk thistle, blue agave, hyaluronic acid and vitamin E. If this sounds like a lot in one formula, fear not... it  feels as light as water on your skin so can be easily layered with heavy formulas to customise your skin care routine.  I love using this as it is so lightweight and leaves no residue what so ever.  It is great to know that your skin is being protected when you have a busy day in the city. As a side note the products are all PETA approved and vegan if this is a concern of yours.

Aenea also launched:

In conclusion, these are beautiful products both in packaging, ingredients and ethos and I would highly recommend. The price points are high, but not so high that it makes the products unavailable,  more an indulgent luxury.

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