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My name is Donna and I live in Surrey, England. I have 3 children and a husband. Predictable much!

When I was growing up I loved all things beauty, but I lacked a Mother who shared my passion. As Plato says "Necessity is the Mother of all Invention" and so I began to read up on everything style related. My passion grew from there.  I devoured Trinny and Susannah in the 90's, Rachel Zoe in the early 2000's and blogs after that.

This blog is a collection of everything that works for me, and being a lazy and Northern kind of girl, it focuses on things that work without taking forever or costing too much.

I'm not really into "fashion" but I love style, and finding out how I can make things work for me.  I love dressed down looks and clothes that can be worn on an everyday basis while doing the school run and going for coffee.  I like looking put together but not like I spent ages getting to that point (well only occasionally).

If you want to know some random facts about me check out this post.

If you want to contact me directly please use;



I write honest reviews and never post positively about products that suck just because I got them for free.  I feel this would do both my readers and the brands a disservice.  Around 50% of the products mentioned on the blog are PR samples but I don't flag everyone as such, as I don't treat them any differently than if I had paid with my own cash.

Please don't reproduce photos on this site without my permission,  A lot of them have been taken by me and are my intellectual property . I don't mind pinning at all.

If there are any pictures of yours and you would rather I didn't use them please email me and I will remove it immediately.

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