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Favourite Blogs

I started blogging as I loved reading other people blogs, here are some of my favourites


Miss Budget Beauty - I love this site, so well written and good for the bargain hunter in us all

Essie Button - Love her friendly no nonsense reviews

Caroline Hirons - The skincare guru, that is all.

Makeup Savvy - The best beauty blog there is in my opinion

Seriously Shallow - Sarah has the funniest beauty box reviews and a great sense of style.


The Simply Luxurious Life -Lovely grown up blog about the art of living well

Bubblegarm - A good all rounder

The Rich Life on a Budget - Written by the beautiful Adrienne, who shares her life and great personal style.

How To Be Chic- Self explanatory, really

Dutchess Roz - A fellow Englishwomen, with spot on beauty reviews.


Lou Hay Hay - great wearable styles

Style me Curvy - love this site as it promotes a more realistic version of beauty

5 Foot 10 - A great blog dedicated to style for the taller girls among us, it has a great chart with blogger heights on it.  I am 5'8 which although not super tall makes finding shoes and jeans a little stressful at time.

Top Over 30's Bloggers

See the above link for my post of best Over 30's beauty Bloggers

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