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24 Jun 2015

Summer Brights with Fatface

When I was approached by Fatface to style a look from their South Coast Brights collection, I was so pleased.  I love their relaxed chic look, it is so easy to wear and I have always found the quality to be excellent.  I used to be into the surf scene when I was growing up in a English Seaside Town, hence the wave tattoo I have around my right hand ring finger.  Fatface was, and still is, a store I go and have a look through for holiday clothes each year.

Cardigan - Annie by Fatface, Cropped Chinos by Fatface, Striped Top by H&M,  Navy Vest by La Redoute,  Lets not talk about the shoes.
I opted for some classic navy chinos and a pretty corla cardigan to set the look off.

I need to mention how happy I am with the Navy Crop Chinos.  They are gorgeous, the fabric feels so soft.  I got them one size up from my usual size (so a 16 instead of my usual 14) as I read they can come in a little small, and I wanted a more slouchy look. The fabric is excellent quality, it is a super soft cotton twill and the colour is a lovely deep navy (take note Very, they is what navy should be!)  These will be perfect for plane journeys, where you want to look tidy but still be comfy.  They will also allow me to not freeze whilst I get to the airport here, nor boil when I get to my destination.

The trousers have 2 side pockets which manage to do the impossible and be functional without adding bulk.  The cut is very flattering for those of us with big hips and smaller waist ,as the tailoring is spot-on and the waist fits beautifully (thank you, who ever designed these,  I won't need a belt for once)

The general advice for those of us with large hips is to not wear cropped trousers, as they can make you look wider by cutting off your legs half way down.  I have to add a caveat to this, which is if you are tall and have long legs and a short body, then it can help lengthen your torso which is a good thing.  I need to wear a top of a similar colour or one that finish past my widest point or they really do like me look very pear shaped, but overall, I find capri's to be a much safer option than shorts, which could not look worse on me ( I still have nightmares about wearing them in PE.)


I love the Neon trend but my skin is a little too pink to be able to wear very warm pinks. The Annie Cardigan in Corabelle is a pretty bright coral which bizarrely is a cool coral and so suits those of us with pink undertones. It is so pretty, and a great way to add some femininity and a pop of colour to your look. I like the pointelle detail (apparently that is what the patterns of holes is called) as it stops it from being just another cardie and makes it more delicate.  It's 100% cotton so ideal on hot summer days when you want to hide your arms but not get too hot and sticky.  Another point I must note is that the v-neck is well designed to not expose to much or make you feel too grandmotherly.

I paired the outfit with a pair of seriously old tan wedges that frankly have seen better days.  I am finding it such a struggle to find a pair of tan wedges in my size that aren't too high so I can wear them on a daily basis.  I painted my nails in a very unwise navy nail polish with a gold tips, this will be a real pain to remove as glitter polish is always hard and dark blue will stain. Anyway enough of the bad,  I think coral, navy and gold is such a classic colour combination and I will be wearing a lot more of it.

Navy Top by La Redoute, Navy Chinos by Fatface, Nail varnish Betty Blues by No7 & Revlon Sequins

I will get so much wear out of both these pieces.  The cardie can be worn with an all black outfit to give it a lift or with a white sun dress. The crop chinos are such a summer staple that I will probably wear them far more than is judicious.

I am really happy with both of these items and will definitely be making a stop in Fatface at Gatwick on my next holiday to check out some more of their items.  If you, like me, live quite far from the nearest shop here is their new arrivals page.

N.B. I must mention that writing this post make me laugh as I have notoriously chubby cheeks and so the irony of doing a post for Fatface is not lost on me :)

*Sample provided by Fatface for review purposes

11 Dec 2014

Christmas Party!

At the end of November I had my first Christmas Party of the year.  It was with the Mums from my daughter's school and was at the local golf club.  As always I took this as a chance to dress up.

picture taken before I put nail varnish on so that I wouldn't smudge it!

I got to wear my favourite dress, that my Husband bought for me to wear for his 40th in Las Vegas.  It is from LK Bennett's Black Ribbon collection, which is their luxury line, and I love it, though it is a pain in the ass to keep looking good as it shows both creases and marks up with only a glance at it.  

I wore OPI Vampsterdam on my nails which I picked up for only £3.99 in TKMaxx, it's a sheeny mulled wine kind of colour.  My shoes are from Nine West (last years, similar here) I bought them as the pale gold is pretty neutral and goes with most things.  Plus Nine West shoes are always comfortable and are generously sized. My bag is from Accessorise and is around 260 years old or thereabouts.  Note to self...must buy new evening bag, preferably one that my phone can fit in!

I went pretty minimal on the makeup as I was wearing such a bright dress, that I figured I would let the makeup take a back seat.  I have on all the usual suspects (see any of my previous makeup posts to get an idea) along with Urban Decay De-slick spray to keep it in place, I find this does help with the longevity of my makeup, I wouldn't say it last all day, but it definitely lasts longer.  The bottle is pretty large and I have had mine for a couple of years so far so a goo investment for special occasions.  I ventured to curl my crazy stubbornly straight hair with large barrel tongs and I used  volumising products, but it still dropped within 2 hours anyway.  

Obvioulsy I didn't wear my robe, this was before getting dressed.

What is everyone else wearing this xmas? 

26 Jun 2014

OOTD - Mixed Weather

You have to love the British weather, I am not sure any other country in the world can rival it for sheer indecisiveness.  Just when you think it's safe to wear a sun dress, then along comes rain, so you think, fine, I will wear jeans and a top, and oh look! the sun has come out again.

This is what I wore the other day when it was a mixed bag forecast.  I took the black long-sleeved top off later when the sun came out which just left me with a long length cami dress and capri jeans on, so it kind of solved the dilemma, a bit, maybe???

Unfortunately you can no longer buy the shoes.  I got them in the sale at Dorothy Perkins for just £15 and I have worn them heaps, but they no longer stock them.  I wish they, or anyone else for that matter) would restock them as they are really versatile.  The only ones I can find similar are Lanvin and cost £360. Don't you hate it when you find something so easy to wear and comfortable and then are unable to repurchase.

The jeans I got as a more fashionable version of capri's, I wanted to try the boyfriend jeans look out, but with my figure I couldn't go too baggy so this was my compromise, I just rolled out these ones from Next.  I can't say I am crazy about the colour and they may meet the inside of a washer full of dark indigo dye very soon.

Jeans- Ankle Slim Jeans - Next £26
Shoes - Similar here for £360!
Cami Vest - Primarni £3
Black Slouch Top - similar here for £15, mine was from Next 2 years ago. 

28 Apr 2014

Style Inspiration for Curvy Ladies - Curvspo!

If like me, you struggle with your size and shape, I have put together a list of things I know help me feel good in my own body.    I have had enough male attention to know I'm not unattractive but that is not what I see when I compare myself to the mass media, where the message is skinny is beautiful no ifs, no buts.  I am a UK size 14 so US 10 and 5'7" so although I am not especially large, I am hardly what you would call slender either.

Luckily some great movements have sprung up online that celebrate a bit of body diversity and there is one for everyone.  Whether your super tall, or petite, curvy or any other body type at all, there is a Pinterest board or Tumblr for you.  I like these boards as they show me other women looking amazing and being happy.  I love the style inspiration ideas, about how to adapt runway fashion for normal people's bodies.


I'm not encouraging people to be overweight as I have lost weight when my health required it, but I also think there is a lot to be said for less body negativity.  Here are my top tips for gaining some pride in your figure and carrying yourself with confidence.

1) Sign up to some curvy blogs, Pinterest boards or Tumblrs.

Use your social media to keep a stream of images of more realistic women in your timeline.  If your Blogglovin feed, Facebook time line and Pinterest boards are full of women who look nothing like you, then change that. See the end of the post of ideas.

2) Find Celebs and Models whose body shape is similar and whose look you admire.  

I use these women as benchmarks of beauty instead of those who have NOTHING in common with me.  Again see below for my favourites.

3) Know your strengths

Everyone has things that are good about their body, it could be long legs, a petite derrière, shapely calves, big bouncy hair, cute feet, long strong nails, small waist, a flat stomach or a great bust.  Whatever it may be, celebrate the good, mask the bad.

4) Spend some time pampering

If you had the figure of a model you would take the time to exfoliate and moisture your skin, paint your toe nails and wear pretty underwear.  The further away from the accepted notion of beauty you are, the more important grooming becomes IMHO.

5) Learn what works for you

Find pictures of girls with your figure and see what they look good in, then shamelessly copy.  Don't do this with your friends looks though as they are liable to get pissed off, but with perfect strangers, pay homage.

Heres some inspiration to start you off if you need a bit of body positivity.


Style Inspiration for Curvy Women
Kajora - Curvy Style
Curvy Style Icons


Curve Appeal - This tumblr is great as you can search my size or measurements to get images of people like you.


Right to Left - Lou Hay Hay - Style Me Curvy - Girl with Curves

Lou Hay Hay - probably a size 12 maybe 14 if she is tall, and she looks amazing, UK based.
Style Me Curvy - a size 16 UK based blogger and model, great looks
Girl with Curves - Tanesha is one of the big guns in this field, from Silicon Valley with a degree from Berkley this is a lady with brains, style and beauty.


These are the celebs that have similar height, weight or size to me, yours would obviously be different.

  • Khloe Kardashian - 5'11" - 12st fluctuates between a UK 12 and 14
  • Christina Hendricks - 5'7" - 12st US 14 so UK 18
  • Sara Ramirez - 5'8" US size 12 so UK 16
  • Nigella - 5'7" UK size 12-16


  • Bree Waren - 5'11" UK size 14 
  • Gina Swire - 5'9" UK size 16
  • curvy-models

Hopefully this helps people realise that you can look good at any size, even supposedly skinny women still need airbrushing teams of hairdressers, stylists and makeup artists to look the way they do in magazines. 

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