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22 Oct 2014

Autumnal Nails with Revlon and OPI

I am not a big fan of Summer nail polishes, apart from the coral pink ones, they without fail, look dreadful on me, I don't think my skin is made for such bright colours.

Now Autumn colours is a completely different matter.  These are just the colours I have worn in the last week, I reckon I could list about 20 colours that I love for Autumn.

OPI My Private Jet Revlon Mischievous Revlon Smoky Canvas

As you can see from the pictures above, the colour in the bottle is somewhat different than the colour once applied.  All of these are 2 coats and no top coat.

Revlon Smoky Canvas- Review

Smoky Canvas is such an easy to wear everyday colour, it is a kind of a mushroom colour and looks great on the days where you just want to wear black.  I like that this one is good at hiding chips too.  It is obviously not quite on the same chip-hiding scale as Nude polishes but it's not bad either.  It is nice and opaque after 2 coats and has a reasonable glossy finish.  It seems to have been discontinued now but Bare Bones by the same brands is just a slightly warmer version.

OPI - My Private Jet - Review

I adore this colour and had been after it for about a year when I eventually needed a top up product to get a deal on a purchase of a steam mop (oh the glamour) and so I got this.  I want to wear this everyday, obviously this is not possible, but I still wish I could.  For those of you in-the-know out there, this is the non-holographic version, but I like its subtle sparkle as I am not a big bling fan.

Revlon Mischievous - Review

I have had this a couple of years now and it is a lovely muted purple.  It as actually closer to the colour in the bottle than the photos I took, but I couldn't get it to show up well at all.  In case you haven't gathered I am am a serious Revlon nail polish fan.  Their formulas are so heavily pigmented and the bottle is larger at the bottom which helps me to not knock it over whilst applying it.  I also really like the brushes that come with them.  I often buy these when they are 2 for £10 in Superdrug.  They last for ever and I rarely get to the end of one. Again this one has been discontinued but here is an almost identical shade from Barry M called Cappucino £2.99.

What are your favourite colours to wear in Autumn?

5 Jul 2014

Leighton Denny Miracle Mist Review - Speed Dry.

While perusing the shelves of my nearest TK Maxx, I spotted this gem nestling between the endless swathes of shockingly bad Nails Inc colours.

I had been wanting to try a fast-dry spray, as they sound ideal for those nights out when you are rushed, but your nails look dreadful, so need the help of a quick coat of polish.


This retails for £11. But I bought it for £4 which I think is a much fairer price.  

You use it after you have applied the usual 2 coats of polish plus top coat (I used Seche Vite as always) by spraying a fine mist over your nails with your hand held in a claw like manner (very attractive)

It makes your nails touch dry almost immediately, which is usually enough to let you leave the house, as long as your careful. I have used this 3 times in the last week and it has meant I could get on with my day much more quickly


There really isn't much more to say about it, it does what it says.

Would I buy it again?
Yes at £4 or if it came in a bigger can.

21 May 2014

Mont Bleu Glass Nail Files Revie

I'm pretty sure you are all aware of my love for glass nail files by now. I have mentioned them more than once. I am a complete fan of the Leighton Denny ones, but less in awe if the price!

A new brand (well new to me) approached me to see if I would like to try their ones out an give an honest opinion on them, obviously I jumped at the chance. 

I went for the blue ombré effect nail files and they are gorgeous, they look really pretty in your bag or on your dresser.  But most importantly though, they work. They are exactly the same as the Leighton Denny ones but they are much cheaper and come in a multitude of different styles and colours. If you like a bit of sparkle then you will love this brand as they specialise in decorating their products with Swarovski crystals.


The prices are REALLY good even without the 20% discount code that they also let us all have (see end for details)

Clear & Ombre Nail Files 

Small (90mm)   -   £3.38 after discount £2.70
Medium (135mm)  £4.22 after discount £3.38 - Leighton Denny one is £12.50
Large (195mm)      £6.34 after discount £5.07 - Leighton Denny one is £15.50

The Swarowski Elements Files

Small (90mm)   -   £6.76 after discount £5.41
Medium (135mm)  £8.45 after discount £6.76 
Large (195mm)      £6.34 after discount £5.07

These are really hygienic as they just need washing and they are good to go again, they also come with a lifetime abrasive surface guarantee.

I also got to try their tweezers and was again really delighted with them, they have excellent grip on the tips (so no painful multiple attempts on the same hair) and the slanted tips make it easy to be precise. They also have rubberised handles to make it easier hold. Again they come in either plain colours (£3.38 with discount) or jewelled versions (£8.12 with discount).


I will be doing a seperate post on the glass foot file as this really intrigued me, here it is though and it costs just £13.52 or £10.82 with discount, which for an everlasting file is pretty cheap. The general gist of the post is that they are great.


They also kindly threw in some cute rose gold studs £5.40 (with discount) that are great for every day neutral wear. They come in loads of different colours but these I thought were really pretty to just add a bit of sparkle.

Here is the Mont Bleu website. You will need to choose £'s in the top right corner to see the prices in our currency. P&P is only £2.53 or free if you spend over £32

Mont Bleu very kindly offered all my readers 20% off which means that it is even cheaper so you can get nail file exactly like the standard Leighton Denny medium one for £5.91(inc P&P) instead of £12.50!

Just type in "BLOG" at the checkout to get your 20% off.

I think I know what my friends will be getting for their birthday presents and Christmas!

*This is not a sponsored post but the products were given to me free to test.  The opinions expressed are completely my own, I have no interest in trying to encourage people to buy things that I think are pants.

5 May 2014

My Healthy Nail Dream Team

I love nail products as much as the next blogger, but sometimes overzealous usage of said products can result in flaky peely nails and so here are my pick of the bunch when it comes to looking after my nails.


Best Base Coat

OPI Nail Envy
I can't believe there was ever a time when I didn't use this!  It is easy to apply, and even on it's own looks good.  You can apply this everyday as a nail repair product, or just 1 or 2 coats under your polish to stop staining and help strengthen your nails.  It isn't cheap, but the brush can actually get nearly all the product out so you should get a lot for your money.  I like that it gives my nails a finished polished look for everyday whilst also doing them some good.  This is usually about £18 yet Amazon have air for under £10 at the moment.

OPI Nail Envy Nail £9.65

Best Ever Top Coat Ever in the World Without Doubt

Seche Vite
This is such and obvious winner, but there is a good reason for that, it works! It's super shiny, it helps your nails dry quicker and it seals the ends well to help avoid chipping.  I never ever wear polish without it and it has the power to make cheap polishes look good. It is super cheap at Amazon at the moment, just £5.61 so if you have never bought a bottle, get yourself over there now and do so, you will not regret it.  Important note, this needs to be applied on top of wet polish or it is just pants.

Best Nail File

Leighton Denny Crystal Nail File
I know your thinking "crazy lady, a nail file is just a nail file" well your wrong. Normal nail files, even the salon quality ones are just fine sandpaper, they do a good job of neatening ragged edges but at a price.  The nail end is left damaged as it has lots of tiny cuts in it and this allows water to get in and then they split.  The crystal/glass version have such a smooth abrasive surface that they don't create anywhere near the same level of damage and so your nail ends stay intact.  I have 2 versions of this, the Leighton Denny one and a small Paname one, both are equally good.

Paname Glass Nail File £5.36
Leighton Denny Nail File £12.50

Best Cuticle Product

CND Solar Oil
I don't have cuticles on my hands so this os not needed there but on my toe nails, well the less said the better.  In summer I brush a small amount of this on my toe cuticles everyday I am wearing sandals, and it gives your toes a much prettier finish, i softens and moisturises so your cuticles become invisible. I got 2 mini bottles off eBay so I have one next to my bed and one by my computer downstairs.

CND Solar Oil Mini Size 3.7ml x 2 bottles £5.50

What do you use when you need to get your nails back in good condition?

14 Feb 2014

Stylish Valentines Nails

So, I did a search on Pinterest this morning for cute Valentines nails in preparation for this evening, and all I found was cheesy nail art/stripper nails/falsies.

So I had a go myself based on some slightly less OTT pictures of ombre glitter nails.




Hope you like, I am very happy, as this is my favourite nails colour.  It is a No7 polish that is a dupe for Chanel's ever popular "Rouge Noir".  It is called Temptress 12 and is only £6, plus you can usually use your No7 vouchers.  The glitter tips are Deborah Lippman for Essie and it is called "Leading Lady"  I got this for Christmas nails, but it works for Valentines too.

sorry about pic quality camera refused to focus!

23 Apr 2013

Home Pedicure, Freshen Your Feet For Spring!

It looks like Spring has FINALLY arrived, about time!

So it is officially the beginning of flip flop season, which also means it is the beginning of endless pedicures season too.  Now it's not that I am adverse to spending money (ask my Husband) but I hate spending money on something I can do myself, Hence my previous Shellac at Home and How to Highlight your Own Hair posts.  So here is what I do to turn my nasty hard feet into something more acceptable.

I have horrible feet, my toes are all bent from ballet when I was younger and then wearing shoes a size too small in my teen years (I'm 5'8" so I have big feet and find it hard to find pretty shoes in my size.) To add to my foot woes, I also have psoriasis, I have manged to reduce it to almost nothing on my body but my toenails have fought back.  Luckily once I have painted my toes you can't tell but it does mean I can't go varnish free.

Here is the beauty arsenal that is required to bring my feet into normal territory.At-Home-Pedicure-Kit-DIY
So here are the products and I have detailed them in order of use so you can also see how my pedicure progresses
Cien Nail Polish Remover- available from Lidl around £1.20 and comes with this amazing dispenser top, like you get in salons- total bargain.  I use this to remove nail varnish (obviously!)
Scholl Cuticle Cream (not in picture, I forgot) rub this in after removing nail varnish.
Orange Sticks - to push back the cuticle that was softened in the previous step.
Nail Clippers - again they need no introduction, but I must say I pay little heed to the advice to cut straight across the nail, this must be for people who like holes in their tights.
Nail File, to take off the rough edges of just clipped nails.
The Edge Nail File - I use this to remove ridges from my toenails, I am not sure if this is caused by the psoriasis or I would have it anyway...  This is great though, it cost me a couple of pounds on ebay and makes your nail flat so you can get a nice even shine on your polish once applied.
Scholl Express Pedi - Like an angle grinder for your feet, This is so easy to use and makes light work of any hard patches of skin you have developed.  I use this every other week and my feet stay soft, even my foot hating Husband had to agree they felt better and so stole it for his own use :(
E45 Nourish and Restore - Grown up version of the perennial favourite E45.  This is lightly scented and designed to reduce signs of ageing. It works well and doesn't leave my feet greasy.  I put as much of this on as my feet can absorb.
Toe Separators - does exactly that, stops nail varnish getting smudged, important with bendy toes.
Nails Inc Albert Bridge Base Coat - I use this to stop my nails getting stained and also to help the nail varnish go on smoothly without ridges.
Hello Kitty Nail Polish - I couldn't find a suitably spring shade in my collection so I stole ones from my daughters (I am a mean Mummy and rarely let her wear nail varnish, she is only 6!)  This is actually I very on trend colour, a nice corally pink that is a little bit sheer.
Nails Inc Hyde Park Top Coat- To give a final shine and protect the colour.

Well here are the before and after photos, I hope you are not eating while viewing...

Before - winter colour that is 2 weeks old - lets pretend this photo doesn't exist
After - please excuse bendy toes
During - arrgghh, you can see the psoriasis on my big toe nails -at least the photo is "accidentally" slightly out of focus

Well hopefully that will be of some help to someone, at least other people with bad feet might feel better about them.

Disclosure - I got the Scholl Express Pedi and the E45 Nourish and Restore as trial products, everything else was bought with my husbands hard earned cash, or in the case of the Hello Kitty nail varnish as a Christmas gift.

17 Dec 2012

Essie Leading Lady

The most festive nail varnish EVER!

Both stylish and kitsch!

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