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1 May 2014

OOTD- School Run Style Raining

After yesterday's post that went better than I thought, I figured I would try again.

Here is todays offering.  It's chucking it down here so no cute spring looks for me.


Skinny Jeans from Next (again! they do long length jeans at a reasonable price) here £28

Black long length vest top - underneath from ebay similar to this £5

Navy slash neck 3/4 sleeve loose t-shirt from La Redoute, I have this in black and white too, as it is such an easy shape to wear, no longer available in navy but here it is anyway £17

Boots from Sole Diva £75, so hard to get shoes in a size 9.  I wear these far too much as they are flat and super comfy.  They are far too big in the calf for me as they are designed for proper plus size not just a size 14 but I still adore them.

Scarf from Peacocks (I think) it was about £6

Nail varnish - still yesterdays MUA Pistachio Ice Cream , need to change it as it is on it's third day but too lazy after last nights after Zumba.

30 Apr 2014

OOTD - Everyday School Run Look

This is my first ever outfit of the day post.  You can tell this by the fact that I accidentally chopped off my feet in the picture and the exquisite awkwardness of my posing.  I have included a picture of the shoes later, I assure they they looked AMAZING!

This just an everyday outfit for me, flats (£26), jeans (£26) and a t-shirt (£12) all from Next (how did that happen, I don't buy that much from there!) My nail varnish is MUA Pistachio Ice Cream which was a bargain-tastic £1 and perfectly wearable if teamed with a decent base and top coat.

The necklace is new and it from Etsy, I am so happy with this and another one I bought, they are
ideal for dressing up what is essentially a dull outfit.

Well there we go, I did it.  Still not delighted by the picture but I thought it was unfair to keep yacking on about curvy style and not post pictures of me and my various misguided attempts.

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