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21 Jan 2016

Spa Review - Face Camp by Spa Junkie

What is Face Camp, it sounds painful?

I must say this was my first thought when I heard about it, I envisaged a Barry's Bootcamp style face pummelling and I was a little scared, but fear not.  Face Camp is a series of treatments along with dietary advice with the aim to make a noticeable change to your face in 1 week.

Face camp was invented by Inge Theron who used to write for the FT's, How To Spend It supplement under the pseudonym Spa Junkie  She traveled the world trialling spas and reviewing them, so she knows juts a little about what works and what doesn't.  She then wisely decided to use her knowledge of such a vast array of treatments to set up her own service, offering skincare without the injectables, fillers and botox.


What does it involve?  

There are 5 different Face Camps on offer, aimed at targeting some of the common complaints that we have about our skin.  I originally opted to try the Sugar Face, as I'm not well known for being a teetotaller but when I asked the therapists advice, she recommended the Fat Face (how rude, yet completely accurate) This diagnosis of my facial worries includes jowls and puffy skin and was just what I needed.  The other options are Frow Face (tired, wrinkly) Phone Face (double chin, forehead creases and tension) and Winter Face (dark circles, creepy skin.)


Where can I get it?

Face Gym is exclusively available in the truly stunning and innovative Beauty Workshop area of Selfridges.  They are the first UK service to offer this completely unique treatment.  The Beauty Workshop also offer a Daniel Hersheson's 15 min Blow Dry's, Nail's Inc manicures, Blink eyebrow shaping and St Tropez tans.

Photo courtesy of Uxus who designed this beautiful space

What can I expect from my first treatment?

I will get straight in there and say, it isn't painful.  There are definitely some weird sensations particularly the Pure Lift which uses electrical waves to stimulate the muscles, but none of it hurt.

As with all treatments I was asked a series of health questions to start with and also whether I use botox (hell no!) or Retinol (hell yes!)  I was also given a glass of water to help keep my hydrated. The lovely Ana took a photo of my face before any treatments began so that I could see the changes after.  I would share this with you, but under those harsh lights I think it's best not to.

Firstly I was given a thorough cleanse with the most divine of cleansers by Royal Fern which was then towelled off.  This left my skin feeling fresh and not at all tight.

Next an oil was applied ( a lot of oil!) which is used alongside the Radio Frequency unit.  The RF unit heats your skin, which in turn turns on the mechanism to restructure the elastin and collagen, resulting in tighter more even skin.  I was warned it may feel rather hot, but to be honest it was just really nice, soothing and relaxing, the heat is akin to a warm bath.

Next was a the Pure Lift electrical muscle stimulation.  This is a wand like instrument that emits a micro current which activates the muscles beneath your skin and help them tighten in areas that are difficult to exercise yourself.  This felt kind of like a massive magnet pulling your face and was a very odd sensation, though not painful.  Think of it as you would a Slendertone for the face, you must remember those stomach tightening machine from the 80's where an electrical current made your stomach do a mini crunch, but less intense.

I promise you that is a face massager!

After this it was onto the impact part.  My lovely facialist Ana (who is also a Sports Masseuse and has had the joy of massage Luis Figo no less!) applied coconut oil and then started about massaging my face to further promote muscle tone. There was definitely some strange moves but all in all it was still super-relaxing.

After the massage came the rollers.  The first was a gold derma roller (insert pic) which was bumpy and is designed to stimulate blood flow to the skin, the second was a jade roller which helps cool the skin.  These both felt great, though I did sit there wondering whether you could apply foundation with the jade one, similar to painting your walls with emulsion.  I decided that this would not be a wise plan and may result in a look closer to Jordan than Audrey Hepburn.

Lastly my under eye are was treated with Dr Levy Intense Eye Booster serum, which uses plant stem cells.  This was impacted (driven deep into the epidermis) with a ultrasonic device that sounded like what I imagine bats hear when they are having a party, a little like when your phone scrambles. It was a very odd noise but a perfectly relaxing sensation.

How long did it take?

All in all I was with Ana for 90 mins, though it flew by and left me feeling very relaxed. Another photo was taken at the end so I could compare the results of the treatment and there were some obvious instant results.   The most clear difference was that my skin had a glow that it had been sadly lacking. I could also see a reduction in my jowls and less dark circles!  The next morning my skin tone looked much more even and my chin area was more defined, Hurrah!  I will post the before and after pictures once I have finished the full treatment plan.

What comes next?

I was given some recipes and food ideas which I need to try follow over the following week and then I return for the same treatment in one weeks time.  Stay posted for updates as I intend to write about the food (no alcohol, sugar, dairy, gluten or caffeine!!!!) and the eventual results.

*This treatment package was offered to me for the purposes of a review, the opinions expressed remain unbiased.

15 Sep 2014

FAB First Aid Beauty Facial Radiance Pads Review

I have been using these for about 2 weeks now so I feel it is time for a review.

I first read about them on Caroline Hirons blog.  What attracted me to them was the promise of a gentle exfoliation and brighter skin. I regularly have congested skin and as I get older, my skin has also dulled.  I use Aspirin masks and my Clarisonic to help with exfoliation, but I wanted something more regular, so I took the plunge with these.
They weren't cheap at £16, but then neither were they crazily expensive. You get 60 pads which I use once a day, so I should get 2 months use out of them (look at me and my super-advanced maths!)


They are labelled as fragrance free but they have a very definate smell, that whilst not unpleasant, it is not entirely delectable either.  The packaging is pretty unimaginative, but does the job.  Each pad is soaked in the exfoliating liquid and has a smooth and a more textured side.  I use the more textured side in my cheeks, chin and forehead and keep the more delicate side for my eyes and lips.  I find that they are very generously soaked, but in an ideal world I would just buy the lotion and use my own cotton pad.

I have noticed a real change using these. When I first started I had just returned from holiday and my skin was slightly thickened due to the sun and I had a tan.  I wanted something to soften my skin and help bring down my tan to a shade that was somewhat closer to my usual foundation and concealer shades.  These did both these things really well.  I think my skin looks much fresher after using and I will definitely add these to my long term skin care routine.  They also don't sting or make your skin feel stripped.  The inclusion of glycerin and hyaluronic acid makes them beautifully moisturising on my oily skin. The active ingredients are lactic and glycolic acid along with a variety of fruit acids which work to dissolve any dead skin cells of debris on your skin.

Would I buy them again?  Without a doubt.

30 Jul 2014

MUA Poptastic Palette Review

Seen as it's summer I thought a little colour may eventually be in order.  I went out to buy a Sleek palette but when I saw this beauty for only £4 I figured it was worth a shot.


As you can see in the picture below all the colours are highly pigmented and suffer from minimal fallout on application. I must say that I like the purples and blues the best, especially the shimmery ones.  I also have to question MUA's sanity in including a bright pink/red colour, this could only be worn a long distance from you actual eye otherwise your just going to look as though you have allergies.


With regards to lasting power, I have noticed the blue and purples can easily last the day.  Here is a picture of the same shades as above but after some vigourous rubbing, so you can see how well they last.

I would love to try some of the amazing eye makeup looks that you see on Pinterest but I don't suit full-on make up so here are the sort of looks I do with it.

As usual, they are hardly going to set the fashion world on fire with their originality to but sometimes it's nice to have a pop of colour.

  • 12 colours for just £4
  • Good lasting power on the darker shades
  • Some nice shimmer effects without being OTT
  • Great way to try some new looks without breaking the bank

  • Small size of each individual shadow
  • Packaging sucks as always, this is a shame as some of MUA other products have cute packaging
  • Horrid bright pink colour, should have been a shimmery dark emerald green in my opinion

All-in-all this is a great palette for trying something new and also to see what kinds of colours work well with your eyes/complexion.  

If it takes your fancy Buy here for just £4.

28 Jul 2014

Soap and Glory Make Yourself Youthful - Rejuvenating Serum Review


I have been craving this beauty ever since Sarah over at Seriously Shallow recommended it on her blog.  The main reason I love this so much is the packaging, could it be any prettier, it makes me happy every time I use it.

I picked this up at Boots for just £10 (the usual 1/3rd off Soap and Glory products offer.)  This is amazing value as you get 50 mls of it and it has a pump, so no nasty germies lurking around ready to create spots on your face.


The smell of this is lovely and fresh, it is a pink grapefruit style scent.  The texture is great, it is very silky yet not loaded with silicones, so it is thin enough to glide on without leaving any visible sign of it.  It feels very light on your skin and not at all greasy like some serums, so you can layer it with a SPF or night cream.

According to the literature it is jam packed with penta-peptides, which are the darlings of the beauty world right now.  This little beauty has as many as some of the best formulated, designer serums at a fraction of the price.  Plus, look at that packaging.

It also claims to -

  • smooth surface imperfections, reduce depth of fine lines
  • brighten, tone and tighten
  • refine pores, recalibrate uneven skin tone

I LOVE this stuff, I will update this post in a month or tw when I can tell you how well it worked over the long term, but in the week since I bought it, I feel like my skin has already improved.

Buy it here for just £10.67, plus the Soap and Glory Peaches and Clean Cleanser is just £5.33 and the Ultimelt hot cloth cleanser is just £6.67.

Absolute bargain.

5 Jul 2014

Leighton Denny Miracle Mist Review - Speed Dry.

While perusing the shelves of my nearest TK Maxx, I spotted this gem nestling between the endless swathes of shockingly bad Nails Inc colours.

I had been wanting to try a fast-dry spray, as they sound ideal for those nights out when you are rushed, but your nails look dreadful, so need the help of a quick coat of polish.


This retails for £11. But I bought it for £4 which I think is a much fairer price.  

You use it after you have applied the usual 2 coats of polish plus top coat (I used Seche Vite as always) by spraying a fine mist over your nails with your hand held in a claw like manner (very attractive)

It makes your nails touch dry almost immediately, which is usually enough to let you leave the house, as long as your careful. I have used this 3 times in the last week and it has meant I could get on with my day much more quickly


There really isn't much more to say about it, it does what it says.

Would I buy it again?
Yes at £4 or if it came in a bigger can.

1 Jul 2014

June Empties

I love reading these posts on other peoples blogs as you get a quick summary review of a bunch of products you might otherwise not have tried.

Gok Wan Gorgeous Body Butter

I don't think I have ever been more satisfied to finish a product.  I am rubbish at applying body lotion/butter, this is probably because I have oily skin, so need to less than most, but obviously my feet (aaargggh) shins and forearms still need a good moisturise to look half decent.   I got this as a Christmas gift about 5 years ago, and only just got round to using it.  It is so old that they don't even stock it anymore! The age hasn't effected it one bit though.
I used most of the other products in the set quickly as they have a really lovely fragrance, but this just got left behind.  I find this is a really effective body butter, though it can leave your skin a little tacky for 15 mins or so afterwards, so maybe not one to apply before wearing a chiffon dress!

Would I Buy It Again?  Yes, if I ever run out of body moisturiser (this is incredibly unlikely though as I have about 8 currently circling the house looking for a dry spot to get smeared on.)

Soap and Glory Peaches and Clean

I am sure I have rattled on about this before.  This is my everyday cleanser since discovering the wonderful Caroline Hirons site.  It is a balm/cream cleanser and I use just 1 pump and massage into my face morning and night to remove makeup and skin products.  I find this does a great job and emulsifying the products so they can be easily wiped away with a warm muslin cloth.  The fruit acids in it also give it a bit extra oomph when it comes to exfoliation.  This can also be worn as a mask if you want so more deep cleansing.  It smells like peaches hence the name, but when I say it smells like peaches I mean it, not that sickly canned peach smell, more like bowl of peaches with that slightly musty dusty tang to them.  I only buy this when it is 3 for 2 or a third off so it works out at around £5 a bottle which I think is very reasonable.  I think this is a good budget choice of balm cleanser for us oily-skinned girls.

Would I Buy It Again?  Yep, and I have one in my spares drawer already

Soap and Glory Hand Food

Good old Hand Food, there really is nothing else to say about this.  "Is it the most astonishing hand cream ever?" as asked on the bottle, nope but it is good for the price and has that classic S&G scent.

Would I Buy It Again? Probably, though I slightly prefer the scent of the sanctuary one and the efficacy of the La Roche Posay Cicaplast.

Rimmel French Manicure Polish in Rose Praline

I do not like this, so I have thrown it out.  It is supposed to be a neutral for your nails, but has sparkle in it, Rubbish!  It also claims that it can last up to 10 days chip free, hmmm let me see, more like 10 hours, absolute pants.

Would I Buy It Again? No

Phyto Hydrating Mask

I got this in a gift set and thought it was going to be amazing, it has lovely packing like an old metal tooth paste tube and it has no silicones, but theta is where the positives end.  It does absolutely nothing for my bleached hair, it actually makes it worse I would say.  I have used this a handful of times and every time I have wished I hand't.  My hair looks like straw after using this, and it cannot be tamed by either straighteners or serum.

Would I Buy It Again? Hell No

Alien by Thierry Mugler

I was gutted when this ran out, because I didn't realise I was on my last spray.  The bottle is quite opaque and also heavy so I thought I had quite a bit left.  This smells lovely for an evening it has jasmine, Amber and a slight floral smell.  I always judges Mr Mugler's scents to be a teenage and downmarket, but this one is gorgeous.  It isn't a summer scent at all, but in winter I adore it.  I had been using it for holidays only so that the smell reminded me of good times, it seems to have worked.

Would I Buy It Again? Definitely.  It is on my list as we speak, are your listening Mr Lego, it's only £26 at the moment?

Aussie - Aussome Volume

I'm sure I have mentioned this before, if not, I love this.  It's super concentrated so a little goes a long way, it cleans like no bodies business and leaves my hair soft and light. It is nearly always on 3 for £10 so I stock up on this and the 3 minute miracle every couple of months.  This is my Holy Grail Shampoo.

Would I Buy It Again? I already have.

Disney Detangling Spray

I bought this for my 2 girls as both have long hair and have started to look after it themselves (with a bit of help.)  They use this after washing to help brush their hair through, it is very lightweight which is great at the 7 year old has incredibly fine hair like me.  I found this a godsend on holiday when they spend 6 hours at a time in the pool each day.  This stops their hair turning into a crispy mess.  My middle child particularly likes the Rapunzel picture on the bottle and it smells lovely and fruity.  The eldest just likes that it gets her dreaded knots out.

Would I Buy It Again?  Currently in the process of trying to find the same one, we have others but this is their favourite (and mine), it was only £1 in Poundworld/Land whatever...

I'm pretty sure there was more than this, but I am extra specially terrible at remembering to keep all my empties together.

23 Jun 2014

Revlon Matte Balms Review - Gosh They're Bright!

I have heard such a lot about the Revlon Matte Balms, mainly from Miss Budget Beauty, however, I wasn't sure if they would be for me as I don't like bright lips on me. I think it makes my face look unbalanced, so I rarely wear a bold colour.

The reason I succumbed in the end was that they were 2 for £10 at Boots, so I would get 2 rolls of the flattering-lip-colour dice for only £10.  I bought them in the shades Sultry and Standout.


The packaging is pretty standard lip crayon packaging with a twist up bottom (hurrah for no sharpeners).  They smell slightly minty so nothing offensive.  The texture feels smooth and glides on really well without any dragging which a lot of other lipsticks suffer from.

The main point about these though is that they are ridicously pigmented, they make my deep red Chanel lipstick look wishy washy in comparison. On my first attempt I put on WAY to much and scared the bejesus out of myself. I then got busy with a strong makeup remover. My second foray into the the matte balm world was more successful.  I have found that if I apply around a tenth of the amount I usually would and blend in, then they make a great base for my lip glosses.  Both colours provide a nice depth of colour to my lips and a bit of moisture.  I can then apply the gloss of my choice without worrying that the moment all the gloss has evaporated away to wherever excess lip gloss goes, I won't be left with completely makeup free lips.  

I imagine the point of these was for them to be matte, hence the name, but for me, they are just great lip stains.

I have pretty much always taken a two pronged approach to lip products anyway as I find that must products give either too much or too little coverage.  I also find the colours to be just out also.  I like something warm yet with enough blue in it to make my teeth look whiter, which is a pretty hard thing to pull off.

I imagine that as the end becomes more blunted you may have to be a bit more careful applying these as the colour is so dark that you couldn't apply without a mirror, as I would usually with a lip crayon.

Here is me in Sultry with no gloss (not terrible) and then with the excess removed with a tissue and with gloss on top (much better, phew!)  The gloss is Rimmel Stay Glossy in Stay My Rose



And here is Standout, which most certainly lives up to it's name.  Please excuse the kitchen picture the light is pants in my house at 11am, so I have to take photos in bizarre places, hence the green coloured kitchen (it isn't green honestly!). I DO NOT like this colour at all.  So I have followed it with a picture of it applied as a stain with Tanya Burr Picnic in The Park Gloss on top.



So all in all, I am really happy with these but not for the reason for which they were intended, still though, £10 well spent.

Revlon Matte Balms - 4 stars - they are moisturising and super pigmented so will last a long time and well priced. I prefer Sultry btw...

29 May 2014

L'Oreal Revitalift Magic Blur Review

Who doesn't want to look like they have been photoshopped in real life? I was on the lookout for a new primer after my pores had started to become more noticeable and so when I saw this advertised I figured it was worth a try.  


I had a bit of time to kill in Cork whilst away on a mini-break and so I hit Boots. Luckily they had a tester out, so I could see what the texture was like before buying.  I tried this on the back of one hand and Benefit's The Porefessional on the back of the other.  They are remarkably similar products, but L'Oreals is MUCH cheaper.   I also tried the Baby Skin version from Maybelline which was just a basic silicone primer. I tried to take a photo, to show you, but my camera doesn't photo skin very well, and I just ended up with 2 photos of my horrid hands.

L'Oreal claims that this blurs fine lines and pores while providing a matte texture and it does exactly that.  It reminds me of the Clinique Pore Minimiser but easier to apply and with no tint.  

I have only been using this for a few days so I can't say whether long term use might result in breakouts but I can tell you it works.  If like me you are getting the first signs of ageing and would like your skin to look more flawless and less shiny then I reckon you will like this.  I also feel it helps control oil which is a big plus for me.

I wear it on top of my La Roche Posay Antihelios XL tinted sunscreen and then apply Revlon Colorstay on top.  This results in a matte-yet-fresh finish, which is as close to real skin like as I can get, while still getting good coverage for my uneven skin tone.

The Revitalift Magic Blur is currently on offer at boots with a 1/3rd off so it cost just £8.66 for 30ml.  As a comparison Benefit's The Porefessional is £24.50 for 22ml. 

There is another version of this which is a daytime moisturiser that claims it has retinol in, which as I'm sure you know I love.  However it is Retinyl Palminate which is a lower potency version of retinol and so I doubt it is much more than a marketing gimmick.

L'Oreal Revitalift Magic Blur - 4 stars (I have left a star off for the pants packaging, I would have preferred a pump.)

23 May 2014

Maybelline Superstay Better Skin Foundation Review

I received a sample of this new foundation which promises to improve your skin while providing coverage.


I couldn't dislike it more.

After the disappointment of their Matte Maker Powder, I has hoped that this would be a great new foundation to add to my collection as I tend to like products with names like "superstay", I was so wrong.

I am going to list the ways in which it fails for me;

  • Awful/dreadful application - this drags on instead of gliding, it catches in every pore and imperfection, I needed to get very busy with the buffing brush to get this to look even.
  • Indifferent finish - neither matte enough to stop shine nor dewy enough to look fresh.
  • Feels greasy on the skin - I put this on an hour ago, and it still feels greasy (I will be taking it off very shortly)
  • Minimal Coverage - this didn't a terrible job of covering my hype-pigmentation, you can see nearly all my natural skin tone, which is not what I wanted at all!
  • No SPF - seriously, none!

This picture unfortunately doesn't show how bad this is, if you click on it
maybe you will be able to see the full sized version which shows how it looks in real life.

I won't comment on the colour as I was unable to get a proper colour match as it was a sample so I will not judge it on this. If your interested the colour I got was Cameo.

Maybelline Superstay Better Skin Foundation 2 stars ( as it apparently photographs better than it looks in reality)

21 May 2014

Mont Bleu Glass Nail Files Revie

I'm pretty sure you are all aware of my love for glass nail files by now. I have mentioned them more than once. I am a complete fan of the Leighton Denny ones, but less in awe if the price!

A new brand (well new to me) approached me to see if I would like to try their ones out an give an honest opinion on them, obviously I jumped at the chance. 

I went for the blue ombré effect nail files and they are gorgeous, they look really pretty in your bag or on your dresser.  But most importantly though, they work. They are exactly the same as the Leighton Denny ones but they are much cheaper and come in a multitude of different styles and colours. If you like a bit of sparkle then you will love this brand as they specialise in decorating their products with Swarovski crystals.


The prices are REALLY good even without the 20% discount code that they also let us all have (see end for details)

Clear & Ombre Nail Files 

Small (90mm)   -   £3.38 after discount £2.70
Medium (135mm)  £4.22 after discount £3.38 - Leighton Denny one is £12.50
Large (195mm)      £6.34 after discount £5.07 - Leighton Denny one is £15.50

The Swarowski Elements Files

Small (90mm)   -   £6.76 after discount £5.41
Medium (135mm)  £8.45 after discount £6.76 
Large (195mm)      £6.34 after discount £5.07

These are really hygienic as they just need washing and they are good to go again, they also come with a lifetime abrasive surface guarantee.

I also got to try their tweezers and was again really delighted with them, they have excellent grip on the tips (so no painful multiple attempts on the same hair) and the slanted tips make it easy to be precise. They also have rubberised handles to make it easier hold. Again they come in either plain colours (£3.38 with discount) or jewelled versions (£8.12 with discount).


I will be doing a seperate post on the glass foot file as this really intrigued me, here it is though and it costs just £13.52 or £10.82 with discount, which for an everlasting file is pretty cheap. The general gist of the post is that they are great.


They also kindly threw in some cute rose gold studs £5.40 (with discount) that are great for every day neutral wear. They come in loads of different colours but these I thought were really pretty to just add a bit of sparkle.

Here is the Mont Bleu website. You will need to choose £'s in the top right corner to see the prices in our currency. P&P is only £2.53 or free if you spend over £32

Mont Bleu very kindly offered all my readers 20% off which means that it is even cheaper so you can get nail file exactly like the standard Leighton Denny medium one for £5.91(inc P&P) instead of £12.50!

Just type in "BLOG" at the checkout to get your 20% off.

I think I know what my friends will be getting for their birthday presents and Christmas!

*This is not a sponsored post but the products were given to me free to test.  The opinions expressed are completely my own, I have no interest in trying to encourage people to buy things that I think are pants.

15 May 2014

Best Facial Sunscreen for Oily Skin

As I have mentioned before (ad naseum) I have oily skin.  It is a royal pain in the ass to buy sunscreen for as you can imagine, as most sunscreen are formulated with moisturising ingredients in them to counteract the drying effect of the sun.  Now there is one thing my skin doesn't need and it is more moisture.  I have been using Cellex C Suncare for the last couple of years and it's not bad, it does however cost a bomb and is still a little more greasy than I would like.

Until I found this little beauty I always sported a natural sheen every summer when sunscreen season came round, or more likely I just skipped it and hoped the pitiful SPF in my foundation would suffice.

Then one day I was browsing my favourite ever skincare range in a old fashioned pharmacy near me and saw this offered as samples.  I took one expecting it to be the usual old slick, shiny cream, I fully intended to keep it in my handbag as a backup for the kids. I was ridiculously surprised to find it was exactly what I had been looking for.


I guess if I had bothered to read the package rather than just going "ooooh free stuff" then I would have noticed that is said "melt-in" but even if I had, I probably would have thought it sounded waxy rather than the lovely texture that it actually is.

Now like all sunscreens it isn't perfect as it leaves a slight (and I mean slight) white tint to your skin after application, but nothing that can't be solved with a quick slick of foundation and a touch extra bronzer.


The best thing about it is that it is SPF 50 so no need to keep reapplying during the day, unless your swimming etc... Anyway enough of my waffle, check it out here La Roche-Posay Antihelios XL

I hope you all have a lovely weekend, and the sun shines so we can all get to use some sunscreen for once!

Edit:  I bought the full size version of this at the weekend as it is on offer at Boots at the moment with a third off so just £10!  I went for the tinted variation and it leaves no white cast what so ever, it is a bit tacky upon application, but this is gone within seconds. If you have very pale skin I would stick with the original formula though as the tint in the cream leaves a nice glow that may look weird on very pale skin.

7 May 2014

Batiste XXL Plumping Powder Review

I have had this for about 2 months since I got my hair cut shorter. I was suffering from severely flat hair seen as all the damaged hair had been cut out which left me with super soft but very flat hair. A fellow blogger (Sarah at Seriously Shallow) recommended this to me, so I thought I would give it a go.


This product comes in a small shaker which is an ideal size for chucking in your handbag. I shook a little bit out onto my finger tips to see how it felt and the first thing I noticed was it's bizarre texture. It comes out like a powder then when you rub it between your fingers it feels sticky, it is really weird. I thought I would give it a go so I sectioned off my hair and sprinkled it onto the roots massaging it in with fingertips. I was pretty disgusted at this once I had done it as it felt like someone had rubbed my roots with Pritt Stick. It really does feel gross and I feel sorry for any man who wants to run his fingers through your hair.


It works! It is by far the best volume giving product I own and so quick to apply. It lasts really well as to reactivate it you just rub your fingers through your roots again. I guess it works by creating a textured coating on the hair which when rubbed makes the individual hairs stand out again each other. The other things I like about this is that it doesn't smell of anything, and even on my dark roots it is undetectable.

The wall in my bedroom seems to have changed from Cream to Green in the photo???

Do I like it?

Yes, I will definitely be repurchasing it.

Would I use it everyday day?

No. The feeling is too weird, but it is great for going out. It also needs a double shampoo to get it out, I am sat here now with freshly washed hair after using it last night and I think there is still some lurking about up top.


  • Size - a third of the size of a bottle of dry shampoo plus no aerosol so better for the enviroment
  • Gives Your hair serious volume
  • Invisible on the hair
  • Complete Bargain


  • The feel, it’s revolting

£3.99 at Superdrug or Boots

Overall Rating - 4 stars (would be 5 if it didn’t feel like glue)

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